Paint Me Purple

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Products Used:

– Velour Lashes in ‘Girl You Crazy’

– Urban Decay Electric Palette

– MAC Cosmetics pressed pigment in ‘Black Grape’

– MAC Cosmetics Gel Liner in ‘Dipdown’

– Illamasqua lipstick in ‘Posture’

– Topshop bronzer in ‘Sandcastle’

– The Balm ‘Betty-Lou Manizer’

It seems I just cannot get away from purple. I tried to go for something quite opposite to what you would consider a fall look here. I ditched the dark lip and instead used a pale lilac. One of my all time favourite lipsticks from Illamasqua.

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Favourites | Favourite lipsticks of the moment

I have to be honest, I am one of those people who believe that a makeup look is not finished without a lipstick , lipliner or any kind of colour on the lips. I’m not talking about a full on bright pink every time, but merely a ‘my lips, but better’ shade of lipstick. I think even a nude shade of lipliner finishes the makeup look and makes it look so much more put together. I wanted to share my current favourite shade of lipsticks, be it ones I have been using for a wile now and some new discoveries as well. Hope you enjoy:).


1. Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘Fable‘- matt finish, bright rose pink

I purchased this colour a few months ago and I have been wearing it pretty much non stop (as you can probably tell hehe). I honestly can’t tell you enough how amazing Illamasqua lipsticks are! I love the look of a matt lip but also love the fact that I can always change a matt lip into a glossy one by simply adding some gloss on top. The staying power of the Illamasqua lipsticks is great and the pigmentation is honestly the best I have ever tried! All the shades I own are so vibrant! The only con I can think of is that the lipsticks are a little drying but that’s the case with all matt lipsticks. Just make sure you’re lips are nicely moisturised before applying it.


2. Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘ESP‘- matt finish, vivid violet

This is the most beautiful, unique violet i have ever seen. It is a matt finish but there is sooo much dimension to it. It is almost as if it contains little bit of a navy depending which angle you look at it from. Truly beautiful and worth an investment if you are after something that’s one of a kind.


3. Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘Shard‘- matt finish, red violet

My newest purchase from Illamasqua. I’m a little late on this shade but non the less when I opened my package it was like love at first sight. Again, very pigmented and such a beautiful shade of deep, purply red.


4. Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘Posture‘- matt finish, cool mauve

This shade is definitely for the brave. It is another unique one. A very pretty, pale lilac. It isn’t your typical everyday, wearable colour but it definitely stands out. I certainly don’t wear it everyday but I do bust it out from time to time when I’m bored of my everyday look.


5. Illamasqua Creme Pigment in ‘Delirium‘- matt, rose taupe cream pigment

This is actually a cream pigment meant to be used on your eyes. Illamasqua products are great because they’re so versatile. You can use every product however your heart desires and I just happen to love this product on my lips. It almost gives them a dead kind of look. It sounds really weird but I love this on the days when I’m going for the vampy look and I don’t feel like wearing a dark lip.

creme cup

6. MAC Lipstick in ‘Creme cup‘- cool, dusty, light pink

This is exactly the shade I had in mind when I said ‘my lips, but better’. It is that perfect pink that I just throw on when i’m in a hurry to get out the door. I have a lot of lipsticks and this is the first one I ever repurchased several times. I wear it either on its own or, I like to top it off with BareMinerals Buxom Plumping lipgloss in ‘Debbie’ in order to add a little warmth to it.


7. MAC Lipstick in ‘Rebel‘- deep fuchsia

This has been my autumn colour. One of my favourite MAC lipsticks and I feel like everyone should own it because it is such a cult classic. It suits a lot of skin tones and i think if you want to try a dark lip for the first time this is the lipstick to buy.

ruby woo

8. MAC Lipstick in ‘Ruby woo‘- matt finish, bright, blue based red

A classic! This is another colour from MAC I feel like everyone should own. It is beautifully matte, and I should also add, it makes you’re teeth look whiter because it is a blue based red. Perfect for achieving that vintage glamour look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, check out the rest of my social media. Until next time.


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Current Wish List


1.Illamsqua lipstick in ‘Luster’ // 2.Illamasqua lipstick in ‘Glissade’ // 3.Illamasqua lipstick in ‘Soaked’ // 4.Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade // 5.Sugarpill Addicted to pretty palette ‘Sweetheart’ // 6.Sugarpill Addicted to pretty palette ‘Heartbreaker

I thought that I would type up a quick post sharing some of the beauty products I have been swooning over these days. I’m hoping to get my hands on these products soon, especially the lipstick shades from the new Illamasqua collection. They look amazing right? Let me know what’s on your wish list down in the comments below, I would love to hear from you:).

Also, I would love to hear any ideas or requests you have for new blog posts. I am planning to post a lot more so any ideas on things you would like me to review or posts about are welcome:).


Current Loves | Illamasqua and Topshop

So I know I’ve been away for a very long time but I’ve decided to change the look of my blog a little and start blogging again. I thought I would start with telling you about 3 of my absolute favourite products at the moment.  Image

Topshop’s GLOW in ‘Polish’ £9.00

This highlighter is one of my favourite highlighters of all time. It has almost a kind of creamy mousse consistency which makes it easy to blend onto your skin. I like to apply a little bit underneath my foundation which gives the impression that the glow is coming from my skin underneath. Topshop offers this products in two colours. This creamy light colour, which suits my fair skin tone perfectly, and a rose gold colour called ‘Gold’ which will add a lovely bit of colour to your face along with the highlight.


 1.Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in ‘Scribe’ £18.00

I don’t know what it is but recently I have been loving crazy coloured eyeliner and I feel like a white liquid liner is pretty out there. The colour goes on so opaque and once it’s on it is there to stay. Great for adding little accents to your eye makeup or if you’re brave enough wearing it as top liner for a unique look;).

2. Illamasqua’s Lipstick in ‘Posture’

I have been eyeing this for AGES! Well I finally bought it and I was not disappointed in the slightest. It’s a very unique, cool lilac lipstic with a matte finish so the staying power is amazing. For me this has been a staple autumn colour although I’m sure I’m going to be wearing it all year round. I’m planning to do a tutorial on a look using this lipstick on my youtube channel so keep and eye out for that if you want some inspiration on how to wear this kind of colour.

-Aggy xo